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About me

Melissa Nauta

Hi! My name is Melissa. Designer, photographer and athlete in heart and soul. In my daily life I’m an interior designer. In my spare time I photograph you – unless I’m exercising myself – in your favourite sports outfit. Whether this is running, weightlifting, swimming or cycling, you are the centre of attention and do what you love to do most. I’m there to capture you. Just the way you are, along with your passion.

(sports) Photography goes further than knowing what an ISO, shutter speed and aperture means. The feeling for composition, speed, knowing the human body and knowing how it moves is a must! As an experienced athlete I know better than anyone how the body moves in various sports. I take my sports knowledge with me into the shoot every time. In this way we ensure that the images are 100% charming and that you look your best. All you have to do is engage in your passion!

It’s About You!

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